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6 days ago
Herald Deyrnas on Google+ posted

Love is the only way. Not the fickle love of young misunderstood and lonely country singers. The love as a form of energy in the world of quantum physics.

This is the idea of anti-entropy at the center of all life in an entropic universe – entropy is always trying to get you down and life always fights back against gravity and radiation.

We literally had to step out of the mindset of commercial democracy and its values and thinking, to be released into the Deyrnas way of thinking and its better world view.

So much is solved when the long-term big picture and true data is your source. We have seen in our minds’ eye the better worlds. We can move this world closed to those more sustainable better worlds.

These are thought experiments. The idea is a thought experiment that can become mature over time and ready to become a feeling which seems to cause energy to go into motion and idea become manifest.

We have this map of the conscious universe to guide our world into an understanding of quantum navigation so that this seemingly great task in system change can be accomplished before the enemy within our minds and concepts of right and wrong, secretly parasitically kills the host and ruins all hope for a good life in the near future for anyone.

150 M from my front door.

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