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Deyrnas Declares Monday – Yellow Monday

Yellow Monday falls on 16-Jan-2017

The Secret Kingdom and the Hidden Kings Council have called for the naming of the 3rd Monday of the year to be known as Yellow Monday.

The King agreed and said ” With my goodwill and blessing, so be it. I do decree it as so stated and it shall stand that Yellow Monday will be the 3rd Monday of the Year.”

Yellow is the Sun and as the provider of sunshine, it is our happy pill in the sky.

Sunshine is to the honor of happiness, a day for the subjects of Deyrnas to celebrate the good we have found.

By the third Monday, we all know our days are getting longer in the Northern Lands. This is a good thing and something to be joyful about always.

The backward’s world, that does not know the Kingdom in your heart is real, who live with so much missing knowledge, truth and have no concept of real magic alive today, calls this day, Blue Monday. The first such date declared was 24 Jan 2005 as part of a Sky Travel press release.

Shame on them.

Deynras will have nothing to do with such an event as a Blue Monday and asks the people of Deyrnas to follow along and replace it with Yellow Monday.

Blue Monday is for people who have ignored our ancient culture and the training we how provide on how to manage your life and money, especially during times of robotic celebrations of spending.”

Deyrnas shows you that one-third of the basic things you need to have a good life are missing and hidden from the other lost version of world’s apart.

You never know what is missing from your life until someone in Deyrnas points it out to you. We cannot point it out from a perspective of we are in the know and you are out of touch.

You need to be inside benefiting from the knowledge of Deyrnas and define it for yourself. Some of the benefits of Deyrnas are unspoken and others are unspeakable. After epiphanies and blissed out moments of awe, there is often no words. You as a Person of Deyrnas cannot tell others the story of success with Deyrnas and the feelings and thoughts that may occur if one is an outsider to the personal experience.

The Yellow Monday is a day to remind yourself how fortunate you are to have a connection with the Deyrnas and its support for your more complete, literally one-third better life than those who will be moody and sad on blue Monday out in the thoughtless world.

Yellow Monday is Deyrnas way of BPA on the psychological warfare of telling the people that they can expect an emotionally down low energy day. This, as we know becomes self-fulfilling as many gullible powerless slaves will enact it and interfere with the normal joy that can happen in everyone’s day.

The Hidden King and Kings Counsel declares that any Person of Deyrnas that would prefer to support Blue Monday rather than The Kings Yellow Monday is going to make the King displeased. However, the Kings displeasure will not occur on Yellow Monday but on Kings reflection time the following day on Tuesday.

Please have as much joy and fun at your own experience as possible on Yellow Monday.

We Love Our Good Wise King of Deyrnas.