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Three Primary colors, the more we know about them the easier it becomes to calm the mind in the war of distraction on our thoughts.

The world’s problems are solved. Deyrnas solved more than one-third of what harms all life on earth. But the world population is completely distracted so that it cannot hear the voice of its master.

In a metaphorical way, if a voice was heard and known as the master then it could speak over the loud chorus or useless nonsense from false authority, false experts who are without any concept of a unified solution begin available now. Actually, they may be anti-solution forces roaming the airwaves, working for anti-truth and discord.

We came across this straight talk on colors and it made sense to appoint a color master to ensure we get it right.

As you see in your mind’s eye, the way we have to “Snap out of it” is to break the harm done by dualism to our mind. There are three parts to everything. A fire has three parts. Trees are three parts. Animals are three parts.

Deyrnas is a religion a political system and an enterprise.

Blue seems the color for business generally.

Red would be a republic and yellow would be a liberal.

But this is Deyrnas. Deyrnas business is more on the green side but profits are exciting and red and support the royal blue life.

Deyrnas politics can’t be called liberal or republican, and are no way communism as they form the missing piece in all of those ideologies that historically fall short.

Finally, who can say what this one-of-a-kind incredible enlightened and highly unusual religion would be colored?

Of course, from culture to culture and time over fashion, there are changes to how color is perceived psychologically. Once you have paid your associate dues then you can offer your expert advice for consideration. We can’t wait to hear your ideas. There might even be a free car in it for someone clever enough to back up their opinions on color design brand and art modality.


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