We Herald for Deyrnas

The Deyrnas System for

Trade, Governance, Religion

Not a business, not another government party, and not yet another religion.

Then WHAT is Deyrnas?

Deyrnas is a System. It is a layer which binds our world. We are already here and we are completely disorganized. We have no organization.

The creator/reviver of the Ancient Genetic and DNA internal understand of Deyrnas who all true humans have wants one thing. Then it wants another thing. Then it wants a third thing. It wants fair trade, governance and religion.

It does not want those three pillars of civilization to be at war. But logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many require the occasional war. However someone can say with reason, I want less war and more dialog. I want a better connection with communication us and them can become we the humans and representing ourselves in life.


The Reviver simply wanted to research to become a better person, disregarding the judgments of others around him. To live as a better person could not truly be done in the so-called real world. Not achieved naturally or easily done three main areas of problems in the world exist and they are money, government, and religion.

The system of money, the system of government, the system of religion.

After 50 years of research, we believe we have resolved less than 1/3 of the world’s problems. The task is to make this research a more inclusive thought experiment.

Now that many more people are able to learn about “what’s been missing” in life, the reality of better options for the world begins in this world for some sooner than others.

Local altruism matters first to support life as a habit. It is sad when someone is a slow learner because in a Deyrnas System ares this support has added benefits in reality that make the government more capable of doing their part with religion and business.

In your area,

YOU elect Deyrnas Party (where approved by Deyrnas ONLY) only official mistakes are corrected.

DEYRNAS becomes your teachers for 10 years. Then 2 years we will ponder the referendum. Then we will vote in 12 years. NO HUMAN BEING MAY NOT VOTE.

*subject to the local laws you may not vote and ignore that law. We will keep a record. The record will be made to ban ourselves from talking politically to you. You will be free to add yourself back to the list and do as you please according to the rules. Our automatic ban is so no one has to do anything and the default is applied. We can’t believe there are many educated for a decade who still don’t think a vote counts.


It is already in your hearts for tens of thousands of years. You most likely already like and want the Deyrnas System because it is based on ancient things that must be somehow imprinted in our DNA. we have a fascination with Kingdoms. That’s about the end of my proof needed.

DEYRNAS makes needs met, that are hidden needed, the hidden illnesses, the hidden homeless, the hidden opportunities, the hidden knowledge that makes a subject of the Deyrnas System strong secure and comfortable, human needs you don’t know you needed until you have them long enough to let it soak in, before Deyrnas.


Deyrnas makes choices and recommends a more stable psychologic benefit to people making society. It is a new way of thinking/acting in business. It is one new way of looking/verifying governments taxes and law. It is a new system of religion that accomplishes a service to qualify in being supportive of life, land, and liberty.


Deyrnas is very old. It comes from very old ideas. It is imagined from these ideas if they had evolved overtly instead of now evolving covertly. We are best known as Neo Deyrnas a new movement revival of some old and new life philosophy.

This is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes.

However, it offers real-world benefits advantages and features.

Any of these benefits received are depending solely on your efforts alone.

Deyrnas trade allows you to earn a second income independently investing and working in the categories of wealth, health, and energy.

Deyrnas trade is invested in technology, health, and energy and there your can market memberships products and services for a commission a small part of each sale from yourself directly and from word of mouth that you started for 7 generation of friends of friends from you and your Deyrnas Trade Centre.

If you learn and practice Deyrnas, you are using the System of Deyrnas. This is to slight change over time in the way you see the world in three areas of trade or business, government and law, religions and cultures.

Our claim in the “fictional human experiment” we are unlicensed in business, we are unregistered as a political party, we have not government approved religious tax status.

If you seek honest income join use and is working today. We use methods of earning a better way of survival a better stability and a door to accessing your human needs. Deyrnas Trade is your path.

If you want and a real psychological break and vacation from negative mind abuse news and right-left politics tricks of false power and their mean liars in our media, with hordes of moronic social followers, come to Deyrnas Governance as a way out. Realize better way to rule our home, town, and country. A better way to think about ruling the global for all.

If you crave an answer to the failed ideas of the globalist bible with its anti-social creation of freedom of religion, ignorantly cast all religions as equal, when clearly at first glance they can be seen by a range of definition. Some are cult of insanity and to socially beneficial organizations or a softer insanity. All religions are against truth to a greater or lessors degree and so are humans. Some people need they for social-emotional support and some religions really serve their county, Deyrnas will offer the solution that separate s the goats from the sheep and peace could possibly be the outcome after you know thy enemy of peace.

All of this has on purpose. To give you a break from today.

As time passes you will see where the ideas within Deyrnas come from, they came from you.

When a soul is under no pressure of any kind then the truth could come out.

Deyrnas has been studying the new truth like this for 45 years. In those years we (the founder and the people around him or her in the King of Kings Counsel) can say that Deyrnas has solved approximately one-third of the World’s problems.

That is a huge claim (probably subjective) and what we do know is we need you to support it.

Perhaps you are alone with your silence genius, discoveries, paradise reality rooted in core beliefs. Perhaps you have solved mankind’s problems in some unique area of life that we have not covered already. We offer a temporary home base to launch.

Before science there was magic.

Part of magic was a telepath and special mental directed powers. These are now mental illnesses through the work of science.

Science was invented by the church to have people work on proof of God so that no argument to their authority could exist inside a property of god universe.

Science basically took 500 years to escape from the labs in the treasures of the church basement. Magically thinking is a mental illness because it makes one unable to fully experience real feeling and thoughts based on a mental acuity to high sensory resolution and high comprehension capacity. In short, we need magic but we need it in an educated functional way. If one the good side then magical thinking become creative imagination. This is where the mind allows the ideas to flow that creatively and holistically solve local regional an global problems. We need a global culture of creative people acceptance. We need to train and use the special minds of today.

Magically thinking is a mental illness because it makes one unable to fully experience real feeling and thoughts based on a mental acuity to high sensory resolution and high comprehension capacity. In short, we need magic but we need it in an educated functional way. If one the good side then magical thinking become creative imagination. This is where the mind allows the ideas to flow that creatively and holistically solve local regional an global problems. We need a global culture of creative people acceptance. We need to train and use the special minds of today.

In short, we need magic but we need it in an educated functional way. If one the good side then magical thinking become creative imagination. This is where the mind allows the ideas to flow that creatively and holistically solve local regional an global problems. We need a global culture of creative people acceptance. We need to train and use the special minds of today.

This is where the mind allows the ideas to flow that creatively and holistically solve local regional an global problems. We need a global culture of creative people acceptance. We need to train and use the special minds of today. Most people have interest in ancient Kingdoms. We think about that.

We think that the Kingdom structure of life and living might be in our DNA (since now we know the age of the Kingdom remnant today is over 12,000 years) which could in theory make us part of what human is to be, when so many things show we are actually several different branches of one common species and physical form “used to be inhabited by us as in human-level consciousness for most”. We are so much more than the flesh. We are born knowing things we could never have time to learn. Some of us are born with all the ancient true memory of the solar system and some of us wake up at some point of death or trauma in life literally or symbolic, then peace internal resides on this sea of lies Earth have become from its parasitical past.



In our European History and Great Britain, the Middle Ages are the Medieval Period from the 5th century lasting until the 15th.

It began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. Deyrnas welcomes all weary Internet Entertainment travelers to take a break and celebrate this period with us on any free regular public special day occasion. You deserve a break from today so step into the past. A chance to step to the time of Kings and Queens and everything in between the Kingdom and it’s Magic and Such.

This time-out I take heals me.

We hope you’re not too worn from information overload. This wicked world of distractions are weapons on your mind. Timeout is for creative flexibility. We enjoy a fantasy world and it heals us from the overload damage. We can rest and enjoy some real excitement


Enough noise, here @ Deyrnas World we help ourselves to our own stream. We tell you everything after you enroll and qualify. The cost is 25 cents a week. The catch is you pay for a year in advance and add $7 for a filing fee. You may not use the Internet on your first transaction so we can remove the chance of fraud.

You enter your contact information in the CRM which is running behind the form you sign up on. This sets the time for your entry application. You need a fake name or name that is not a legal name, pet name, nic name, funny brand. To prevent fraud at the gates of this Kingdom no names are held in the database.

Your main daily email will go into the form with a username and a password and a phone number. The email will show you the current official instructions on sending a greeting card to Deyrnas to announce your request for an account.

You will be instructed on mailing your information by land mail address so that all Deyrnas Accounts have the standard skill of land-based messaging and know where to mail letters to the office by postal mail service.

In Medieval Times and in times of societies in need around the world, possibly in the future of this world, it is our human fallback to deliver mail in person. If a solar flare strikes the earth and wipes out all digital memory then land mail will be the only way (and people will have to wait patiently for a long time again).

Deyrnas enrollment may not be finalized for up to 6 weeks.

Deyrnas is an exclusive organization with many levels and criteria. It is a need-to-know complex private organization. If you think long and hard about Kingdoms through the ages from all corners of the Earth at all times then you will figure it out. Or you could get an account.

Membership perimeters are private organizational development. The system is proprietary and secret.

You may receive 3 different answers Yes, Nah or Maybe.

Maybe, also may include links to upgrades in your education or empowerment opportunities that can help you get ready for Deyrnas.

The smartest. Not the best looking. You may only have 25 a week. Not the looks, not the great plans and achievements. Just reasonable less wounded working genius on practical how to help others projects. Projects that make the Kingdom Proud.

There are only three simple interests of Deyrnas. They are Technology, Health, and Energy. It is these three arena’s that help all subjects of the Kingdom the most.

Deyrnas philosophy is we are only as smart and strong as we all individually supporting each others intelligence and strength. We are only as beautiful as we are brilliant.

Three interests of Deyrnas are all it takes to fill any people with a life of beneficial purpose and meaning. All three help everyone. However, the Heralds of Deyrnas insist everyone begin with Technology.

Technology has made the most wealth for people in our times and a few hundred years in the recent past. It seems not right to miss out on the advantage of these waves of technology and the income that flows with it. There is always something new and valuable to invest time and money in under the title technology. We never get bored as you will see.

More income and financial stability are what Deyrnas wants for all participants. Of course,  health is very important and some have said it should come first. Yes for many health is first especially when a person lacks it. Then it becomes very important. For most people, there is a way to not lose our best health. It is called staying out of debt and poverty. The lack of money is the number one cause of one thrid of all health problems. That has become the lack of money causes stress. If you can deal with the stress, you’re not dealing with it, you’re in denial. The only way to deal with the lack of money is to get real and learn how to receive more money. YOu do not have to do more work or spend more time or invest allot. you need to understand receiving.

The Technology interest will grow if you participate and it will give you back many times what you put into it. And then change happens. AS you grow with technology you grow with the already have grown with others to where you have the free time and some money to put toward your health.

Health cost time and money. Technology will earn you both.

The first Tech paid health is spent on you. This is what Deyrnas wants for everyone so that the Kingdom is the strongest of all.

And then the Health category and interest starts to spread out and help others in addition to paying you residuals in free time and income.

Now you have technology filling the vault and health paying the future with better chances and life for everyone ware you who wants it.  Then comes the third interest of your Deyrnas. Energy.

Energy is the Interest of Deyrnas that helps heal the planet. Now we know a little something about this time and this version of reality. What we are about to say is working on many alternative plains of a world that exist side by side. Deyrnas is already fully happening now, just not fully here and now, and not fully around you and your friends yet.

It is possible to live out your whole life and never fully realize the fantasy world of Deyrnas. But you could be living in an area that Deyrnas is spread far and wide we think for the benefit of a lot of folks just wanting to live fully and more free if you realize that is such a thing.

Your account is like NetFlix only a curated version. It has a selected genre. They are documentaries and films about the eons of global Deyrnas in the past and at present.

They are the Deyrnas type stories that have added fantasy like dragons and battle that could not happen. They are quantum traveler movies and series to help understand how the real became possible. They are time travel and alternative earth content so that we can all learn how this happened.

Each comes with a review and a traveler and ways to bookmark your reference.

Books audios and games all make up the Deyrnas fantasy world that you have access here in an alternate world. In it is where the Kingdom did things slightly differently.

Modern Kingdoms had solved their internal and external issues. People needed the Kingdom for different reasons, they provided different services that everyone needed but were hidden from the world now in areas where they have no kingdom.


We need to know a few things, (like are you not a robot pretending to gain access) so we have some procedures. We ask to receive your 0.25 cents a weekly fee and a one-time filing diligence fee in advance.

That’s the right thing to do first. Help yourself. And when it works for you then only once it has made you happier and stronger than before, if it doesn’t damage or weaken you, spread your success to those who are worthy.

Deyrnas is a place of Beauty, Wisdom, and Strength.

There has never been confusion about total feminine and total masculine values. The recent wave of deviant degenerate social abortions will be here forever in some form of the closet, as will be the poor.

The poor exist for many reasons, but none of those are because of what the rich. They’re spheres within spheres which do not intersect or touch.

When a mine closes it has nothing to do with the owner who is forced by reason and awareness of the markets and the futures.

Royals and Nobility and such have no intention to make the poor.

The poor are saved by the rich from themselves daily. In cave man days the poor are a week away from being the dead. Now the poor live much longer than a week and that is because of civilization paid for and supported by the rich and wealthy.

, and how good it feels and how wise it is to strengthen both. There are the wonderful worlds of challenge and rewards for handmaids, damsels, Princesses. There

There are tests of men, the running of the gauntlet throughout the ranks of Squires, Heralds, Knight and Prince’s. This is by no means the limit to the many orders and groups within Deyrnas but a mear mention to give you a summary of just how big (and forever) this world of Deyrnas is today.

Deyrnas began as a fantasy world of a 9-year-old boy. He lived a life of amazing trials and tribulation and challenges and adventures that created

That’s why Deyrnas wants you. This will become infinitely clearer with time.

This is Deyrnas World Press

We are here to report on Deyrnas News and activities for the Free Press of Deyrnas, with outside sources and resources the Deyrnas Worlds within Worlds.

DEYRNAS is ultimately a place for news and entertainment for the young to the mature. Old people (which is a mindset) of any age will likely not enjoy us as much.

Things may be important but they are not urgent or too serious. This is mostly a thought experiment with a practical benefit that just keeps getting better with time.

Children should go to the games and cartoon areas where we have tried to censor all content for them. An adult should buy the child’s account or the family account and set the permissions for children’s areas only.

Example: If we show several Movies about the Knights of The roundtable, if a version is too violent we don’t link it in the Children’s area. We don’t link movies with confusing complex or fringe subculture agendas. Childhood is for play, fun, and learning before the challenges of adulthood set in.

Young adults to the TV Series Training and Movies. Those who are ready for Meritorious Families or university Educated will want to knock down and pick a side to get involved with. This can be your world too. It is not limited to the enjoyment of the Royals.

Chances are if you have ever been attracted to the Kings stories in Film then you may have up to one eight or more of the Ancient Royal Bloodline. We could already be cousins and you just don’t know it.

If you are like me 7/8 Royal Bloodline, then you might think very big and think very long term with a love so big in your heart to protect the children and the people of the Kingdom and all the animals and resources. Big thinking like that doesn’t pay in a world that wants you to connect widgets and think small of profit.

This is s List that may let you know if you think its worth it to bookmark us and come around often enough to gain something for yourself.

A King and Kingdom (evolved)

That Kings Family Beliefs and Religion

The Kings Guard and Intelligence
The Kings Council, Trustees some Heralds
The Kings Culture, Icons and Pinnacle Achievements
The Kings Artistic and Musical Commissions

The Kings Long Term Mountain Picture Voice

The Kings Chosen Subjects

The Kings Elevations of Families

  • Meritocracy
  • Lottocracy
  • Sport over Violence
  • Right over Popularity
  • Truth over Fiction

A Kings Place for Magic and Alchemy

A Kings Interests For All Betterment’s.

The Non-Commercial Offline Big Mountain Data

The Non-Political Voice without Fear of Truth needed to be told.

The Hiding of Secrets and secret Powers; Hidden from the eyes that may use them for any life within the Kings domain.

The Voice of the Moral Code of the Kingdom. (uninfected by Pop Culture) (Pop culture is a product for short-term gains regardless of the damage it does to people who are not customers of typically a vice type product or service)

The Kings Redemption for the educational slave, the financial slave, and the legal slave by mistake and misappropriation.

The Kings Last Chance and Repeal. (we have needed this for over a century of crime by the state against individuals who I have trod on the feet of commercial democracy)


  1. The King of Zero Taxation.
  2. The King of Cures for Orphan Ailments ignored by commercial democracy.
  3. The Kings Solutions to Shelter for all man and animal.
  4. The Kings Survival Plans Preparations and Position.
  5. The Kings Wizards Knowledge by merit aptitude and application to free University.
  6. The Kings Apprehension of Poverty.
  7. The Kings Arrest of Worklessness.
  8. The Kings Eyes on Ideologies and invasions that may be deleterious to the subjects.
  9. The Kings preparation for an organized response to any and all natural disasters.
  10. The Kings rescue on High Seas.
  11. The Kings Mountain Rescue Team.
  12. The Kings World Water Detail.
  13. The Kings 100 new technologies.
  14. The Kings Advanced Preventative Health programs.
  15. The Kings Energy Secrets.

Unfortunately, Commercial Democracy stays the same. It changes slowly and gets better on one end and worse on the other, so the proverbial left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. The Deyrnas Big Data looks at all 3 hands and the whole picture says commercial democracy is not adequate to serve the needs of human, animal and plant life.

Commercial Democracy mathematically ends in human extinction.

One-Third of what every person needs to survive and be potentially happy is missing.

Eventually, that becomes a forgotten need for your life and you never discover why nothing is right in life ever it seems. Unless you are damaged by the balding of children and young adults there is no way to become the type of human that gets it and is strong enough to use it. Deyrnas requires some thinking. That’s all on you.

In the end, you will conclude that Deyrnas is not perfect by any means but it is needed now and was needed yesterday, we just weren’t ready.

Deyrnas is needed to secure the missing values in a commercial democracy.

We don’t have the energy to deal with the future without a non-commercial and non-political long-term entity in governance systems.

Some part of the authority system that is here for a lifetime and works and thinks beyond the tricks of 4-year term thinkers with the priority on popularity while avoiding the actual JOB as understood by big noncommercial Kingdom Data.

I am a Herald of Deyrnas. I will Live and Die for King and Kingdom. (currently a secret King in the Hidden Kingdom) But that is more real for me every day. It gets me free of wasting time in corrupt system business and waste my time thinking about Crazy Mockracy. Democracy the mockery because it is in bed with business. It is sleeping with the wife of profiteers. She’s a whore’s way of life.

(Mom and Pop small, even medium size business is not included in the condemnation of commercial democracy) We are not socialist. We know capitalism is perfect, ONLY when each and every man woman and child is in business. Since that will never happen it enslave those who work for time skills trading and not those who contract the same time skills in the business model. That has to change because it’s cheating.

Everyone who doesn’t vote such as 65% of Americans, are following our 12,000-year-old history. Humans don’t naturally vote outside the family and home.

However NOW you are asked to Vote for Deyrnas. In Your area, it may be KDC or KDP. It may be Kings Domain Council or Kingdom Democratic Party.

We work to get elected.Then we accept that election as a mandate to a referendum in our second term. Once we are elected twice there has been 4 years to make education available. Once people know what to gain and what to give they can use the referendum to CHANGE THE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT, not just another governing party and or the other same of the same falling value coin.

Once the land contracts with Deyrnas (One Hundred Years before renewal) the region will begin to see the benefits first. Worthlessness is caused by commercial democracy. It goes first. The system that prevents some types of commercial democracy caused financial ruin will be installed. Deyrnas has no Tax and replaces all the wasteful and unproductive charities with intelligent giving in an organized way.


Commercial Democracy benefits ONLY when it can see your protection because you are weak. But commercial Democracy made you weak, or weaker than you would be with that one third missing since the last Kingdom.

Commercial Democracy sells you protection when you are in fear. It will try to make you fear Deyrnas and you should never fear what is here to help you and it thousands of years older than C-D. Commercial democracy needs Deyrnas to pry it apart a little because it is fornicating right now. Paid media by business with political interest is manufacturing your opinions with fake news all the time. The Deyrnas News is different as you’ll see.

Right now people inside the Deyrnas World already have it better. We have it better than any other group because we have the rational reason and one-third of the answers.

Some say why to bother if you can be perfect. Those people need more time to meditate on this. There are clues everywhere. Every weakness caused by politicians is an opportunity to realize what a system change like Deyrnas would do, and it reminds you that no government party change matters that much. We need system change. That’s a simple awakening. Then the good stuff starts coming in and teaching you in your past memories. Most of the bad that happened would have been different with a solid Deyrnas in place.

Deyrnas benefits by strong people. Commercial democracy benefits by weak people.



Enjoy the free content sections as we add more interesting and enticing programs.

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Members sections continue to grow with the volume of new people you continue referring to Deyrnas. The value you bring continues to help us expand and that’s a good thing for all.


READ THIS and then consider becoming a Herald of Deyrnas.